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Jarvis Harmony Station

ITEM# 1387-1

The Harmony Station was designed specifically for the Harmony Director used in almost every band hall today. This all-in-one cart was created to hold everything needed to assist the band director while using the Harmony Station. Allowing you to use, charge and mount your Harmony Director, laptop, tablet, phone and even hold your water or coffee! As with all other Jarvis products the Harmony Station is sleek and built to last! A must have for to your band hall.


  • Electric Height Adjustable from 32” to 49” with Memory Settings.
  • Ventilated Locking Storage Drawer.
  • Large Cushioned Non-slip Desktop Mat.
  • Shelf for Score Sheets.
  • Top Access Outlets including four (4) standard outlets, two (2) USB and one (1) USB-C fast Charging Ports.
  • Includes Tablet, Phone and Cup Holder Mounts.
  • 21” x 34” Speaker Shelf
  • Equipped with Heavy Duty 3” Locking Casters

$2995.00 MSRP

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