6ft. Scissor-Lift – Model 15

Crossmen World Class Drum Corp

“Crossmen were great! I really loved their drumline. That DM podium is the coolest thing in all drum corps! ”
“Crossmen drumline impressed me. And they have without a doubt the coolest podium of any corps I have ever seen in my life! You gotta see that thing!”

6ft. Scissor-Lift

500lb load capacity
4ft. x 6ft. Platform
1500-2 / Model 15 (railing included)
Item 1336-30 Additional Ladder for Model 15
  • Newly Redesigned and reinforced with all aluminum locking blocks for added stability and durability.
  • Large 44″ x 72″ x 6 ft. lightweight aluminum platform.
  • Easily sets up in seconds with assistance from built-in pneumatic cylinders.
  • Ladder stows away on the platform when not in use.
  • Equipped with large 10″ lockable Ever Roll wheels.
  • Easily pulled by hand or ATV with tongue.
  • No pins or parts to lose.
  • Held in up position by safe mechanical locks.
  • Built to last.
  • Can be used as a wagon when closed.
  • No external power required.
  • Quick, easy assembly upon arrival. Install wheels and tongue only!

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